Comic Book 1 imageMy fascination about comics, my hobby about collecting comics, my love for art has come this – having a website I can call my own.

This has been abode where I can share with my fellow collectors and hobbyists who are at one with me to preserve what has been left with this undying piece of art. With the dawn of technology a lot has changed, comics have been long forgotten and now changed to digitized versions.

But nothing beats having to read a story page per page in a comic book. For a 40-year old guy like me, there is still that young boy who loves to tickle my imagination, who get amused with words, and have been created. I can never exchange my love for comics for anything; it is my passion and will always.

My site is all about comics preservation. All information is a product of my years of experience of doing it on my own and from the tips of other collectors also. I have given this all for free to help comics survived in this ever changing world ruled by technology.

Do feel free to browse around and apply what you have learned right away!